Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Shoplove: happie loves it

A couple of weeks ago I made a lovely discovery in the form of one of the cutest shops I've ever been to - happie loves it.

Walking by the window, I noticed an adorable printed tote with this drawing of Queen Elizabeth I on the front. I had to go inside and I couldn't leave without picking this one up. The tote comes in black or oat and features the queen with different hair colours. I chose the blonde queenie to match moi.

It is the perfect bag to carry your lunch to work in or for picking up a few things at the market. I think I'll be wearing this tote all summer long.

This week I contacted the lovely people of happie loves it to tell them how fond I am of their shop and the bag.

They also agreed to this little interview:

1) On where the idea of the queenie bag came from:

Our illustration of Queen Elizabeth 1 was inspirational to
making the Queen tote bag.
Here is the original painting of happie loves it’s “queen
parody”. We are also expecting larger shoulder bags with our
favourite Queen’s head print by the end of March.

Below is the original painting: The Armada Portrait of Queen

Elizabeth I, (c.1588. George Gower. Woburn Abbey,
Bedfordshire, UK)

2) When are your new collections are coming out?
Our new collections of accessories and dresses for this spring
summer have launched with London Fashion Week, around mid-Feb.
As proud sponsors of LFW’s Little Black Book, our new
collections are presented throughout the year and especially
in time for London’s greatest fashion event.

3) How/if your design aesthetic and process have changed since
moving to London?
If Italy’s Tuscany gave us the colour palette for happie loves
it, London has filled our passion for creating extraordinary
and unique individual pieces. Our fans and friends in London
greatly appreciate what we do and we do our best to make them

4) What you would like to achieve with your shop and
collections within the next 5 years?
We would like to open more shops around the world so that our
friends can reach us more easily. Because we are located in
the bustling melting pot Covent Garden we have lots of
customers from different parts of the world, to name a few:
Scandinavians, Japanese, Chinese, Italians, Russians. But of
course, you can always reach us through our website!

5) What is your favourite coffee shop in London.
Ooh, not big fans of coffees, but we DO have a BIG BIG love
for cupcakes (with loads of sweet frosting). We heart one of
our favourite dress fan Lorraine Pascal’s “Ella’s Bakehouse”
located in The Piazza, Covent Garden. Their Red Velvets and
Oreo topped cupcakes are to die for.

I also wanted to mention another little gift I picked up for myself while browsing in the jewellery section. I came across a necklace which was just the type I was looking for: delicate with a shorter chain.

The little egg in the nest is mother of pearl.

Their business card has stickers on it. My heart actually melted!

A special thanks to Pink Suh for the interview. I look forward to visiting happie loves it again soon!

If you are in Central London, make sure to check out their shop in Covent Garden ( 37 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5RR) or online.


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