Wednesday, 8 August 2012

House Proud / Inspirational sites

I have been thinking about starting a new column on the blog as I have been loving bringing out my If mood was a colour piece every Monday.  The result of this is House Proud.

I get so inspired by the way that people furnish and decorate their homes. You can tell when people have spent years lovingly acquiring pieces that represent their personalities and style. This is why sites that show people's homes and offices are some of my favourite places to visit. I wanted to share some fantastic ones here with you.

The Every Girl is a site that inspires me on so many levels! It provides interesting and useful information on careers, fashion, finances, and food & drink to say the least. My favourite bits of the site however are the features about successful women where they interview them and show you them in their workplace. I absolutely adore seeing these women in the place that they thrive and how these places represent their characters. I have been oh so inspired by the likes of Bri Emery and Angela Kohler of Blogshop, designer Emerson Fry, the ladies of Skirt PR, Crystal Gentilello of Rue Magazine, Lisa Vorse of Oh, How Charming!, Jenn Lake of Zapwater Communications, and Taylor Sterling of Sterling Style & Glitter Guide just to name a few.

Rue Magazine is such a breath of fresh air and where one must go for some interior design therapy. I first came across it when I started reading Bri Emery's wonderful Designlovefest blog as she used to be the Art Director for the magazine. You can read about and look at everything that makes for a lush and beautiful lifestyle. I adore the spotlights on people's homes. The photography is gorgeous and I sit there getting endless ideas on how to accessorise our little flat. All of the issues (back and current) are on their website. You can literally spend hours drooling over page after page of interior design goodness. You may also end up spending your month's wages on new furniture and home accessories. You have been warned... :)

If you are into snooping around people's closets without the guilt or the shame that accompanies getting caught, Closet Visit is for you. This site gives you an indepth look into the lives and closets of fabulous women like Marlien Rentmeester, Lucky magazine's West Coast editor. This site is a perfect mix of fashion and home d├ęcor. It also makes me want a walk-in closet. I also love the interviews where these fabulous ladies talk about things like personal style, favourite places to shop, and their style icons. 
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What are your favourite sites for inspiring your inner interior designer?


  1. I nominate you for the liebster award!
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  2. You have really great taste:)
    I'm an HGTV fanatic myself!

    Can't wait for more posts!
    --The Urban Lioness