Friday, 4 May 2012

What's a girl to do without a walk in wardrobe?

So I have been going back and forth about this today and am still stuck in the middle. Is it better to clear out your wardrobe of clothes you haven't worn in ages to make room for new stuff or even just to be able to see what you already have? Alternatively, should you keep stuff in case you rediscover it later through you liking it again, it coming back into fashion (which, lets face it, it will!), or you fitting into it again?

Living in a small London flat with the fella doesn't leave much wardrobe space. This is what our bedroom looks like with me spending every morning rushing around, cursing and throwing clothes all over the place professing, "I have nothing to wear!!!!" Clearly I do as there is a lot of it on the floor. And by the way, I do not look as happy as this young lady when this happens.

Now, if I had a nice walk-in wardrobe this would not be an issue.  Remember Carrie from Sex and the City when she marries Big and she doesn't want an engagement ring but a huge walk in wardrobe and she gets one and it's beautiful with a special rail just for her shoes? Amazing! But this is not my reality. I don't even have that much clothes! I'd probably just turn it into a room where I watch chick flicks and keep a mini fridge full of ice cream. I do appreciate it in films though.

So my inner conflict goes something like this: Isn't it better that you just own pieces that you are really fond of  not hoarding for the sake of keeping things that you think you will wear again some day? But I like going through my wardrobe and finding things I haven't worn for ages and realising how great they are. It feels like you've gone shopping without spending any money. With space restrictions and evolving style, what  is a girl to do?

Do any of you ladies have this dilemma?

P.S. While looking for images of wardrobes on Pinterest, I found this great picture. I love it!!!

*Both images found on Pinterest


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    1. It would definitely make mornings a lot easier :)