Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dressing up for comfort

Lately I have been all about comfort. Forget trying to squeeze myself into skinny jeans. I have been enjoying soft, light, and stretchy fabrics. Saying that I don't want to have to sacrifice style for comfort. I have found that the trick to nailing the style/comfort scale is to wear light stretchy materials, bright colours and/or patterns, and a bright lippy. I call it dressing up for comfort.

Yesterday I wore a jersey dress, belt, tights, and flats to spend the day out in town and go to the cinema (The Avengers rocked!). I haven't felt this comfy since my casual Monday!

Dress: Chelsea Girl, River Island; Bag: Edina Ronay via TK Maxx; Shoes: Primark

How do you ladies dress up for comfort?


  1. I love this outfit! And your hair looks amazing...very Bardot ;-)

  2. Love this outfit (and you hair is gorgeous!)



    1. Thanks a lot! I am happy to say that I was having a good hair day :)